I was on the usual drive home from work. My girlfriend has moved out of town recently, due to a job offer, so I am pretty much, always on my own, apart from the weekend a month we get to see each other at this moment in time. So, as you can imagine, I am lonely, bored and rather horny at this moment in time.

I have always been faithful to my girlfriend. Never have I once thought about cheating on her. For nearly the entire time I was driving, I could only think about her. Wishing she was with me.

I stopped at a set of traffic lights, in my own little world. It is actually a wonder I didn’t crash my car. All the while, all I could feel the groin area of my pants getting tighter and tighter. I could feel my heart beating fast and my skin getting hotter and hotter… My hairs standing on edge.

By this time, I had noticed a woman standing to my left, on the corner of the cross roads, by the other set of lights. She looked exactly like my girlfriend – And I mean exactly like her! It was like I had found her double. I could not help but look her up and down in my rather sexually deprived state.

Noticing this, the sexily dressed young lady strutted over to me. I have to say, I did panic a little bit and wasn’t sure what to do. I was a little horny and confused and did indeed want to take her home.

I put the left window down and she leant on my car. Popping her head through the window and said in a soft yet sexy voice with a continental accent ‘Hey there handsome, you gonna take me for a spin?’

‘Y-yes… ummm… g g g get in’ I said with a very nervous stutter. She jumped in the car just as the lights were turning green and I drove off, with this beautiful woman in my car. Honestly not sure what the fuck i was going. Did I just pick up a street walked I asked myself?!

She told me her name was Alice and that she charges £60 for an hour… Everything included. As mentioned earlier I was horny, but I had never thought of cheating on my girlfriend. But was now considering it… I mean, she looks just like her…

I took her back to my house and by this time, my nerves had ceased a little by now. Alice was a nice girl actually. I had always thought that street walkers were scummy if I’m honest. But Alice was certainly changing my perception of things.

That night, I slept with her and it has to have been the best sexual experience of my life. She was very open minded and clean too. She told me that she only does sexual things with clients who are clean and who expect her to be. Which is why when we got back here, she was more than happy to do things with me.

Her larger than life personality, the fact that she looked like my girlfriend and the fact that she was the most naughty girl in the bedroom, ever. Made me book her whenever I could do so. I didn’t see being with her cheating, as there were no strings attached. It was just a long-lasting fling with a very pretty girl who wanted to please me.

I have heard some terrible experiences since of men and street walkers, but I cannot say mine where anything like this. My experiences with Alice are encounters I will never forget.