First of all, what exactly is dating? Is it the same as a relationship? Dating is what comes before the boyfriend/girlfriend part. It is where you have met someone that you are interested in and going out with them for drinks, food etc. In hopes of getting to know them more.

Dating is where you like someone, however you are not yet exclusive. This will come later, after a few dates if you are both serious and like each other.

There are thousands of ways to get a date or you go out dating. The possibilities are truly endless! There are a few ways that are more common than most however! If you want to get back into the dating world, whether it is just for fun or for something serious. Your best bet is to try one of the three ideas below:

Speed dating:

Speed dating is usually setup by an organisation that specialises in dating services. However, if you live in a small town for example and not in the city, it is normally one person in the community who sets it up for the others.

When speed dating, the men sit at tables and the women star by sitting with one of the men. You will talk to that person for 5 to 10 minutes and then move on and talk to the next woman/man. This is considered a great way to meet a lot of new potential dates in a short time.

Blind Dating:

If you are more of a risk taker and like surprises, then blind dating might be your best bet. This is where a date gets set up, normally by a mutual friend. Who picks one of their male/female friends to meet with you at a certain place. You do not get to know who is going to turn up and not even see a picture of this person. But, don’t be worried about telling them what you are looking for, that way your blind date, will more likely be a success, if your friend/co-worker/family member knows what type of person to set you up with.

Online Dating:

Nowadays, this is the single most popular form of dating – Worldwide! Instead of meeting people face to face and getting to know them that way. You talk with them online, exchanging messages and pictures with each other. You then arrange a day and place to meet each other once you have spoken online for a while.

This option is very popular with people who have busy lives and not a lot of time to actually get out there and meet people.

After you have decided what type of dating you are going to give a go. You have two more options… What kind of dater are you?

The casual dater:

This is where you date a fair few people at once. At least more than one person, anyway. If you are not interested in settling down right now or just simply want something enjoyable and sexual. You are most certainly in this category.

Many people who are in this category do not waste time trying to find dates, who may or may not put out. They book escorts instead. They arrange the time and day with their chosen escort – Who will be exactly what they are looking for because they choose a girl who matches their likes perfectly. With ladies who work as escorts, you know they are sure to give you want you want with no strings attached!

If you have not already booked an escort, we would suggest that you certainly give it a go. It is the most easiest way of getting some casual fun!

The serious dater:

A serious dater is someone who dates only one person at a time. When you are this type of dater, you are committed and loyal to your partner. This is the type of dating the leads to a relationship and very often, marriage for the two people concerned. Whether you are looking for something serious or casual. Using one of these three methods is sure to work for you! Have a go and let us know how it went!


Of course another very popular option, is to just book an escort. She is sure to turn up and take her clothes off. Not needing to engage in small talk, you can get straight down to the fun part!