Although over 19% of brides worldwide have met their partners online and that annually the online dating industry generates over 3 BILLION. There are many dangers to dating online, which you need to be aware of, before setting up your dating profile. On the bigger scale of things, meeting someone online can be a really good way to make new friends and of course, get yourself a life-long partner. With bad things happening being somewhat rare overall. However, common enough that you need to ensure you are not one of the victims to the dangerous people that can be found online.

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There are many things to look out for and to be aware of. If you can think of any more important things to watch out for, which we have not spoken about. Please let us know in the comments!


This is the biggest thing to watch out for, of course, when online dating. Physical and mental violence seems like something that only happens in films for the majority of us. However, it can become a very real reality. Especially when online dating.

When meeting someone you met on the internet. You must make sure the meet with them takes place in a public place. Ensuring that you stay in this public area. Not straying to a place, that you don’t know or where you will be alone together.

Keep it this way for a fair few dates, as you do not know them and none of your friends do either. Having no one to vouch for their niceness etc.

Another thing you can do, is bring a friend along with you and NEVER accept lifts back home or to be picked up. If they are one of the ‘not so nice’ people online, you do not want them knowing where you live.

But, above all… DO NOT drink too much on your first date. In fact, don’t drink at all if you can help it.


Don’t be afraid to do a little investigating before going on your date either! I am sure that by the time you start thinking of a date, you will at least know their name and basis things like this. So, look them up on Facebook and stalk their page… See if they have Instagram, add them on snapchat and Google their name to make sure nothing sinister comes up! It is also a good way of checking that what they have told you about themselves is sure.


Regardless of how nice they might seem, you NEVER go home with them on the first date (and probably not the second either). This could lead to kidnapping, rape or something much worse.


You know when something doesn’t feel right, but you just can’t put your finger on it? That gut feeling you get from time to time? In these cases, trust it. If someone seems a little strange or says something you don’t like. Do not just brush off the feeling you have. Listen to your gut at all times.

If this happens when you are still talking online, block them!! But, if this happens face to face, do not be scared to get up of your chair and simply leave.

Because these things can totally put a number of people off online dating. You will find many people who simply book with escorts. Many of these people were not looking for love anyway really… So, just booking an escort (Who has feedback and who you will know is genuine or not) for the intimacy and side of things. Akes their lives a lot easier, don’t you think?!