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Avoid health problems by visiting escorts regulary. Dating escorts can vastly improve your health!

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There are an every increasing number of escorts agencies appearing throughout the UK. They are an excellent alternative to the normal dating process. More of them are advertising the more upper class VIP escort service. What this means exactly is anyone’s guess. But is reported that this type of escort service is better for your long-term health. Reducing stress will also help limit the effects or implications of other health complications.

Some people prefer long term relationships – More so women than men, so statistics show. Indeed, all women from a very young age dream of having a big white wedding and a family of their own. Therefore, search for something ‘real’. 

While others prefer to have the intimacy, attentiveness and of course the sex and not much else. Majority of men in particular, just want some fun and someone who can make them laugh. With there being no strings attached. They want a ‘Booty call’ and nothing else, to be specific. 

Both of these types of ‘love lives’ have their advantages and disadvantages. With each kind appealing to different people of both sexes and various ages. You may even come out of a long term relationship and decide that you are going to just live your life in peace and be pleasured by as many people from the opposite sex as possible. Giving you a confidence boost from all of the attention you receive, for sure.

There is not a right or wrong choice, of course. You can be on whatever side of the spectrum you desire, for however long you want to be there for. However, there are still some downfalls to each option. 


 Well, for starters they cost money. Some of which are rather expensive. Escorts are usually charging around £150 PER HOUR but this can vary, especially if you go to an escort agency. 

There are also many problems, especially with certain sites, in which the girls use fake photographs and quite literally want to scam a client for as much money as they can. However, this can be avoided once you know the signs of a scammer and look for girls with reviews who have been in the industry at least a month or two. 

Truth be told, booking an escort is the easiest thing in the world, if you can get over the nerves of your first even booking. It is also fun and very relaxing. 

If you pick a reviewed girl with a good reputation, you can be sure that booking with her is going to be even better than anything you could get from a normal relationship. No arguments, no sadness – Just genuine hot sex, good times and eagerness all round. 

It is not hard to see why more and more, men and women are booking clients through escort agencies and who are also meeting with independent escorts too. 


If you are one of the lucky few, to find a partner in which you want to spend the rest of your life with or even just someone who you can see being in your future, for a very long time. Then, you might disagree with all which has been said above about booking escorts and prefer to date, in a more ‘mainstream’ fashion. 

Believe it or not, this is the least popular option out of the two. People nowadays are classed as being unfaithful and not very loyal to their partners now, due to things like social media, the internet and places being more populated and therefore, more choice. So, people are stepping away from dating altogether. 

What do you think? Is romance dead? Are escorts all we need? Tell us your thoughts ladies and gentlemen!

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Escort’s Perspective

Sheffield escorts

Sheffield escorts

If your up north and looking for an excellent escort to spend some time with. Then from my experience Sheffield escorts are the ones you want to make the time to visit.They really care about being the best and making their customers happy.

Sutton Coldfield escorts

Sutton Coldfield escorts

Sutton coldfield escorts tend to be a little poser than those in surrounding areas. But that doesnt mean they are not good. Oh no certainly not, these girls love to party and really know how to please their customers.

Birmingham escorts

Birmingham escorts

Birmingham escorts are one of the most outstanding in the industry. These escort girls really go that extra mile to smell nice, look good and give that all important extra layer of satisfaction. Escorts in Birmingham are well worth a visit if you are in the West Midlands. If your not then you should get yourself booked in to a hotel there and call out one of these girls for the night. Birmingham escorts will impress you from my experience. There is no better escort available today.

Dangers of online dating

Dangers of online dating

There are many dangers associated with online dating. To avoid all of these problems, your best option is to visit Leeds escorts. Not only are they fun, sexy and open minded. But they will satisfy your sexual desires at the same time.

Different types of dating

Different types of dating

There are many different forms of dating. Here we provide information of the most popular types of dating. Of course the every increasing popular option is to just cut the small talk and getting to know you part & instead go straight for booking an escort. She is certain to arrive and take off her clothes, skipping all the bull shit and getting down to the fun parts of dating only.

Experience with a street prostitute

Experience with a street prostitute

Whislt out for a drive, one client finds a street walker prostitute. Looking a double of his girlfriend that had just left town, he decides to pay her for sex. Read about his real life experience with a street prostitute here.